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Ermionida’s cultural and religious tradition as well as its customs are related to land and sea. With traditional maritime and agricultural economy over the centuries, Ermionida’s people thank and honor the elements which feed them. Additionally, religious and national holidays as well as lots of other customs give plenty of motives for festive events which are always accompanied with food, wine, greek music and lots of fun.

The most famous are:
- Portoheli’s carnival and Kranidi’s Clean Monday fasting at windmills hill
- Judas’ burning on Easter Sunday in Ermioni
- Kranidi‘s olive fest in spring
- May Day fest at “Papoulia” forest in Fourni
- Saint Anargiri monastery’s fest on June 30 in Ermioni
- Fishermen’s fest in August in Kilada
- Wine fest in September in Iliokastro
- Pomegranate’s fest in October in Ermioni


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