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« A constant fight between Clay and Salt...
An everlasting flirt of Seawater with Olive...
A timeless intercourse of Peloponnesian and Aegean culture...
This coupling gave birth to aura, to colors and aromas of Ermionida’s land which reveal it’s cultural history and identity.
These are the things which create this peaceful and, at the same time, playful atmosphere in the air and on the visitor’s mood.
Maybe, all these things are responsible, for making many visitors permanent residents ... »

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The vision and passion led our efforts to make a welcoming, comfortable and affordable luxury place, which would be our selection for spending our holidays.
We are confident that we have done our best and we do hope you feel the same.
We remain at your disposal before, during and after your staying in our villas complex, to make your memories from lovely Ermionida the gr8est!!!

Enjoy your stay !!!
Kosmas & Giorgos Poulis


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